Web & Software Application Development


  • Business Analysis
  • Existing Systems Assessment
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Software Tools Recommendations
  • System Design, Coding and Testing
  • Systems Implementation and Support

RMCI provides development support on stand-alone systems, cloud-based computing and mobile apps using the following tools and methodologies: .Net, MVC, Web forms, VB, C#, HTML, jQuery, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, LINQ, Entity Framework, Unity, n-Unity, n-tier architectures and others in traditional waterfall and Agile environments.

Software Enhancement

  • Assessment of Existing Application
  • User Interface Revision
  • Addition of New Functionality
  • Database enhancement to improve performance and security

RMCI provides support for dozens of custom-built software applications. Many of these systems require continued modifications and enhancements to meet changing business needs. RMCI assesses new requirements and integrates enhancements into existing designs in a manner that provides additional functionality.

If possible, RMCI will utilize the original development tools within the original application to ensure ease of future maintenance. However, when conditions dictate, RMCI has recommended a move from a legacy system to current and supportable tools and methods; if and when this presents an approach that provides more reliable and saleable systems.

Database Management

Our staff is knowledgeable in Database Architecture and Design, specializing in Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. We can assist with decisions regarding performance and cost, designing for fast response time, incorporating strong security measures, and interacting with legacy systems. Whether starting an initial implementation, upgrading an existing database, or migrating to a new platform, RMCI has an expert database administration solution.

Database Administration

RMCI currently assists clients in maintaining production, test and development databases on large scale systems that involve hundreds of servers and small scale systems that involve both local and master systems. Many of these databases require sophisticated approaches to ensure that administrative tasks do not impact availability or response time. In addition to pure administration, we also  write efficient code implemented both at the database and application layers.

Network Management

RMCI maintains current network operating systems Windows and Unix architectures. This includes installation, configuration, and system administration for upgrades that increase network performance and security. RMCI personnel maintain education and certifications for account management, security, software maintenance, hardware maintenance, file system and database backups, client software, and problem resolution.

RMCI provides routine and 24/7/365 emergency management services for the largest employer in the Americas Human Resources Information Management System. This system is comprised of hundreds of servers in multiple locations running mission critical applications.

Architecture and Design

  • Ethernet (10/100/1GB/10GB)
  • Client-server networks
  • TCP/IP (including IPv4, and IPv6)
  • LANS and WANs
  • Cisco Switches
  • F5 Load Balancers
  • HP Tipping Point Devices (intrusion prevention)
  • OC3 and DS3 trunks for traffic between operation and backup sites

Operations and Maintenance

  • Connection Maintenance
  • Firewall Design
  • Network Capacity and Security Degradation solutions
  • Servers for Secure Domain Name, Proxy, E-mail, and News  (configurations and installations)
  • Network Support (fault, performance,  configuration management, and upgrades)

Systems Administration

  • HP SANS (3PAR, and EVAs)
  • NAS (NetApp)
  • HP Blade infrastructure
  • UNIX (HP/US, Solaris, Linux)
  • DHCP
  • Active Directory
  • IIS 6, and IIS 7
  • Apache
  • Checkpoint Juniper Firewalls

Help Desk

  • Tier 2 & Tier 3 Network and Systems Support
  • Trouble Call Assignment, Tracking and Analysis
  • Hardware Maintenance and Software Support
  • Diagnosis and Correction of Hardware or Software Failures

Working with RMCI